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The RSPCA North Somerset Branch is a separately registered charity from the National RSPCA and we rely primarily on support from the local community to help fund the Animal Centre. We support our local RSPCA Inspectors by providing funds for the emergency treatment and accommodation of animals, which they consider will suffer as a result of inaction or mistreatment by the owners or where the owners have financial difficulties, suffer ill health or pass away.

The Society’s Inspectorate (as well as providing education, information and advice) rescue animals in distress and enforces laws against the cruel mistreatment of animals in England and Wales by bringing prosecutions. Our Animal Centre in Brent Knoll can accommodate up to 63 dogs and 44 cats, along with further accommodation for rabbits.

The North Somerset Branch covers from Nailsea down to Woolavington and across to Wells. Within our branch area, we have four charity shops with many dedicated volunteers helping to bring in the much-needed funds to help the animals.


Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance provides life-saving, pre-hospital critical care, to patients in need. We are your local air ambulance charity, a vital part of the community and we rely on your support.

Since March 2000, Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance has been there for critically ill and injured people when they need us the most. The enhanced skills of our team, specialist equipment and drugs that we carry, along with the speed of our response, can make the difference between life and death.

Their team of highly skilled pilots, critical care practitioners, nurses, and doctors are operational for 19 hours a day (7.00am-2.00am), 365 days a year; together they work tirelessly to save lives.